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Excel functions and formulas

The 2 Most Important

Excel Functions AND







Excel Functions and Formulas Sitemap

This website is divided in 4 sections:

Section 1: Useful Excel Functions by Category

Lesson 1: Excel Database Functions

Lesson 2: Excel Date and Time Functions

Lesson 3: Excel Engineering Functions

Lesson 4: Excel Financial Functions

Lesson 5: Excel Information Functions

Lesson 6: Excel Logical Functions

Lesson 7: Excel Lookup and Reference Functions

Lesson 8: Excel Mathematical Functions

Lesson 9: Excel Statistical Functions

Lesson 10: Excel Text Functions

Section 2: Special Excel Functions


Lesson 12: INDEX/MATCH

Lesson 13: SUBTOTAL

Lesson 14: ISERROR

Lesson 15:New functions in Excel 2007

Section 3: Other Pages on Excel Functions and Formulas

Lesson 16: 5 Useful Tips on Excel Functions and Formulas

Lesson 17: The Signs in Excel Formulas

Lesson 18: Absolute and Relative References

Lesson 19: The Analysis Toolpak

Section 4: Annexes on All Functions by Category

Annex 1: All the Database Excel Functions

Annex 2: All the Date and Time Excel Functions

Annex 3: All the Engineering Excel Functions

Annex 4: All the Financial Excel Functions

Annex 5: All the Information Excel Functions

Annex 6: All the Logical Excel Functions

Annex 7: All the Lookup and Reference Excel Functions

Annex 8: All the Mathematical Excel Functions

Annex 9: All the Statistical Excel Functions

Annex 10: All the Text Excel Functions

The most useful and powerful function in Excel

Excel has not changed much since the 1980's but the computer on your desk has changed dramatically. It is hundreds of times faster and more powerful than 10 years ago. It is also connected to multiple sources of data within your enterprise and connected to data sources from around the world through the Internet.

Due to these changes to your computer and its network, Excel macros have become powerful tools to develop data analysis and reporting program.

With 45 years of expertise as C.E.O. and owner of my company, I will help you develop powerful solutions to do more with your business data.




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