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Interesting Links.


Awsome Tips for Excel 2016 from Excel Champs :
     ballred-img  Excel Blog - Free Online Microsoft Excel Tutorials by ExcelChamps

Regarding EXCEL TEMPLATES, please have a look at
     ballred-img   FREE EXCEL TEMPLATES

Pivot Tables

Now, Honestly the best simple Pivot Table explanation hands down is
     ballred-img  "Excel 2016 - Demystifying Pivot Tables"


Power Query

And now, let’s learn this entire thing step by step...
     ...and make sure to download these sample files from here to follow along.


Among all the links I might put here, there is an awsome article which you really should see at:

     ballred-img   40 Excel Tutorials to revolutionize your Excel spreadsheets


NOTE: Chip died in 2018
But his site is actually working at https://www.cpearson.com/excel/mainpage.aspx

***** Chip Pearson' Home Page


ballred-img   Support Office by Microsoft : Excel Training